The Sea is increasingly important in global trade relations, as well as in international geopolitics itself. In a globalized and growing economy, the need to send larger volumes of cargo in the shortest possible time has been increasing in recent years.

Up to 90% of the world's goods are transported by sea and the reason is that there are multiple benefits to foreign trade compared to air, rail or road transport.

The use of large cargo ships capable of transporting huge quantities of goods in thousands of containers at one time makes it possible to boost economies of scale and foreign trade, import and export of all types of goods and raw materials.

This phenomenon has led to increasing needs in terms of security (especially in the Security area), which is transversal, in one hand, to administrations and port facilities and ships, and in the other, to companies operating in this area.

In this perspective, QUALISEG positions itself as a strong link between the maritime-port sector and the Maritime Security solutions essential to ensure all operations.


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