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With 25 years of market experience in consulting, auditing, outsourcing, training and certification services in Quality, Environment, Security and Energy.


We provide consulting, auditing, outsourcing, training and certification services in the areas of quality, health, safety, environment, security and energy (QHS2E2).


Research, Development and Innovation Projects with the objective of supporting any Organization that wishes to succeed in its activity from an innovative point of view, in pursuit of a disruptive strategy / concept / product that allows it to position itself at the market’s forefront.



The implementation of Management Systems - these being implemented in an individual or integrated way - are seen as the solution for a better efficiency and performance, thus allowing a reduction of costs in organizations.

Applied Research 
& Innovation

We develop innovative concepts and leading edge customized sustainable solutions fostered through our active engagement in research and innovation projects and activities.


Maritime Logistics Engineering and Management(MarLEM) aims to accelerate the implementation of the EU Maritime Policy and the sustainable development of the blue economy across Europe. It develops a Joint Master course in Maritime Logistics Engineering and Management which:
-Aims to fill the existing gaps and needs of higher education;
-Intents to progress beyond the state-of-the-art on the Maritime Education.

The Safety Score Permit (SSP) is a behavior-focused tool.

It was developed as part of a Portugal2020 project, promoted by Qualiseg and aims to contribute significantly to:
- Reduce the frequency and severity of work accidents and occupational diseases;
- And improve the security culture of organizations.

Port and Maritime Supply Chain Integrated Security Management (GISAMP) Project aims to operationalize a collective efficiency strategy that considers the maritime-port process in a more comprehensive perspective, addressing the strategic, operational and support levels, and allowing the implementation of good international practices and management certification of the maritime-port supply chain security.

Marine Pollution Control Simulator (MPCS) Project aims at developing a cloud-based tool easily reachable through different platforms (mobile, tablet, or laptop), that allows the providing of training, exercising, assessment, and performance evaluation of the marine pollution control, at different levels.

M4ML project aims to promote and support the bilateral exchange between Portugal and Norway of students/trainees, teachers, lecturers and researchers, within the domain of the Maritime Logistics, Engineering and Management education.

CBM-VET aims to support the accessibility and responsiveness of vocational education institutions (VET), in the maritime area, in São Tomé and Príncipe, a third country not associated to the ERASMUS+ program, as a driver for economic development.