QUALISEG is a consulting company in Industrial Engineering and Management.

With 25 years of market experience and a large number of loyal clients, we provide consulting, auditing, outsourcing, training and certification services in specialized areas such as Quality, Environment, Security and Energy.


Addressing the Medium and Large Organizations in the Maritime area, Industry and Governance, our mission is to provide the best solutions in Industrial Engineering and Management, acting according to principles of ethics, irreprehensible in the unequivocal respect for the Environment and Society in general.

In a simple sentence: "Provide Medium and Large Organizations with Technical Solutions in the areas of Engineering and Industrial Management aiming at Sustainable Development".

The Vision we share in Qualiseg is that of a Client centered, focused on providing solutions in the vast field of Industrial Engineering and Management, supported by clear values such as ethics, transparency, rigor and the pleasure of doing well.

We believe that the Integrated Management of the Economic, Environmental and Social Responsibility dimensions is an added value for the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations, for external recognition, for internal motivation and contribution to Environmental Protection, on the road to Excellence and for sustainable development.

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Policy for Sustainable Development

In order to establish framework guidelines, the following integrated policy for Sustainable Development is established:


Take on Innovation, investigating and developing new methodologies, aiming to be at the forefront of the sector and context in which it fits.


Assume Flexibility and promote ethical and responsible performance, creating a pleasant space to work and personal fulfillment, aiming at collective and individual success.


Guidance centered on the Voice of the Customer, where the Environment and Society are included, assuming Customer Satisfaction, compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements and the use of the Best Available Techniques, as vectors to reinforce Competitiveness.

Unconditional Guarantee

Develop and deepen relationships with customers, aiming at their loyalty and partnership based on the concept "Customer for Life", assuming the principle of Unconditional Guarantee.

Continuous Improvement

Assume a clear commitment to Continuous Improvement, in the quality of services and in the prevention of Economic, Environmental and Social non-conformities, recognizing that ethical and socially responsible action is inseparable from our activity and, thus, contribute to Sustainable Development.


Following the results of the assessment on the status of Gender Equality at QUALISEG, the company designed the first Gender Equality Plan (GEP), for a period of five years. This gender equality plan is developed, to ensure a culture which enables women and men equal opportunities at QUALISEG. ​

Letter from our Chairman


One of Qualiseg's success factors lies in its technical team, which, in line with its policy and strategic positioning, adds value to the solutions it provides to its clients.

With 8 partners and several internal and external staff with qualification and experience in several areas of knowledge of Industrial Engineering and Management, Qualiseg has the distinctive Human Resources to provide the best solutions to our clients different problems.


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We are a Security Accredited Entity, as well as a Recognized Security Organization (RSO), ensuring a high level of Confidentiality in our intervention.
We are also the official representatives of ABS Group in Portugal, and duly certified by ISO 9001 - Quality, having seats in the Technical Commissions of the Portuguese Quality System.