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Integrated Management of Maritime-Port Supply Chain Security.

Project Duration
1 Jun 2018 - 31 Dec 2022

The implementation of this project 
aims to contribute to


Minimize the vulnerabilities of the maritime-port domain, reducing the underlying risk to the main threats that impose on the port community and reinforce the security of its logistics chain;


Implement, regulate and certify international good practices in the field of maritime security, providing the national ports of international recognition increasingly determining for the sustainability of the business;


Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and technical requirements, fostering the capacity of Portuguese ports to operate under internationally required security conditions;


Focus on the implementation of the European Security Strategy and for the national integrated border management strategy.


The Maritime-Port Area Supply Chain Security (GISAMP) project aims to operationalise a collective efficiency strategy that observes the maritime-port process in its broader perspective, considering the strategic or management (administrations and authorities), operational (port facilities) and support (flows and support) layers. This project is part of the Blue Fund program, its promoter is Qualiseg, as beneficiary partners three port administrations and one company in the sector and, as partners suppliers of competencies to Forum Oceano, the business group ABS Group and the Portuguese Navy, through the Naval School / CINAV.
Integrated risk management, emergency, contingency and business continuity, taken from a comprehensive perspective, is critical to the generality of organizations. In the maritime-port domain, the existence of integrated risk management in the supply chain is critical to ensure that an effective state of security of the port community is achieved.
The proposed methodology for the implementation of GISAMP is based on the development of a situation diagnosis that allows independent way to know the degree of compliance with international standards of reference. In carrying out training actions, the implementation of good practice manuals that facilitate the learning process of all project stakeholders and the implement of international good practices according to the management references recommended in ISO 27001, 28000 and 20858 standards. Finally, the implementation of internal and certification agencies aimed at ensuring the correct implementation and certification of the entities involved.


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