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The implementation of this project 
aims to contribute to


Minimize the vulnerabilities of the maritime-port domain, reducing the underlying risk to the main threats that impose on the port community and reinforce the security of its logistics chain;


Implement, regulate and certify international good practices in the field of maritime security, providing the national ports of international recognition increasingly determining for the sustainability of the business;


Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and technical requirements, fostering the capacity of Portuguese ports to operate under internationally required security conditions;


Focus on the implementation of the European Security Strategy and for the national integrated border management strategy.


We are focused on assuming Integrated Management addressing Quality, Health, Environment, Safety, Security and Energy, by outsourcing it in our clients and assuming accountability to regulatory and/or reference entities.

Through the implementation of this Integrated Management Systems, where highly qualified technical elements are appointed to do their management/maintenance, the Client can, not only save resources, but also have their system maintained and managed in a complete and professional manner.


We approach Security Management in an integrated and systemic way, considering vectors such as Information Security (ISO 27001 and Cybersecurity), Personal Data Protection (GDPR), Security in Critical Infrastructures (Protection and / or Security Plans, ISPS Code, ISM Code, ISO 28000 and ISO 20858) or the Resilience and Sustainability in Organizations and Communities/Cities.

Check the security training courses offer here.


Qualiseg, recognized by DGEG (Portuguese Energy Authority) and ADENE (Portuguese Energy Agency), positions itself as an ESCO (Energy Services Company).

Our approach to energy integrated management service encompasses all phases of Energy Management, from audits, PREn (Energy Rationalisation Plans), ARCE, to the implementation of the measures. We follow the "Success Fee" and "Risk Taking" positions, assuming the costs of investing in Energy Efficiency, with remuneration generated from the Client’s savings.