Having the recognition of several entities, Institutions and Business Associations, we have proved to be an ideal partner, with the guarantee of satisfaction and effectiveness necessary to reach the objectives of development and innovation of the companies.
Project management page

The implementation of this project 
aims to contribute to


Minimize the vulnerabilities of the maritime-port domain, reducing the underlying risk to the main threats that impose on the port community and reinforce the security of its logistics chain;


Implement, regulate and certify international good practices in the field of maritime security, providing the national ports of international recognition increasingly determining for the sustainability of the business;


Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and technical requirements, fostering the capacity of Portuguese ports to operate under internationally required security conditions;


Focus on the implementation of the European Security Strategy and for the national integrated border management strategy.

Our experience allows us to conclude that the main benefits found in organisations that are, in the true sense of the word, Innovative, can achieve significant benefits, such as the systematisation of R&I activities and significant use of internal know-how, significant improvement of the organisational image and competitiveness before other organisations of their sector in the national and international landscape, in the accompaniment of the technological development in order to anticipate the market and identify opportunities for improvement.


We develop and implement projects specifically designed to address a particular issue / situation / organisational problem, and provide the appropriate solution. These may include:

  • Certification of Cities (ISO 37120);
  • Infrastructure and equipment - design projects;
  • Risk Management;
  • Knowledge management.