Qualiseg is a training entity for ISPS courses

Qualiseg is a training entity for ISPS courses recognized by DGRM / course offering

Qualiseg has the honor to announce that, within the general scope of recognition by the Directorate-General for Natural Resources, Security and Maritime Services (DGRM), it has opened its offer of courses for Port Installation Officers (OPIP) initial (21 hours ) and update (7 hours).

Under the terms of the regulation in force, it is noted that the personal protection officers of the port facility (other OPIPs with specific functions of the port facility, elements of services and State bodies with powers in the field of protection in personal protection), in art. 4, of Decree-Law no. 226/2006, of 15 November, who provide services at the port facility, must know the functions, responsibilities and procedures they are responsible for carrying out, as described in the port facility protection plan and in other facilities designated by the concierge protection officer. The elements that provide services in the concierge, with specific protection functions, must have the necessary knowledge and skills to be installed as functions and tasks that are assigned to them. In order to ensure an effective application of the provisions of the Port Facility Security Plan (PPIP) Regulation and the established Part1 and paragraphs 18.2 of Annex II of (EC) n.725/204, of March 31, and of Part A of the Code ISPS, the OPIP must establish as non-training PPIP, which needs with specific protection functions that can prevent or receive before starting, function as functions, with the objectives that are the functions that are available committed in the PPIP.