Klaveness Digital AS partners with M4ML

Partnership was closed with Klaveness Digital AS, that will offer the MML students the possibility of carrying out internships with the company.

New partnership with Klaveness Digital AS for the Master’s in Maritime Logistics was agreed under the scope of the M4ML project, funded by the EEA Grants.
M4ML is a project that intends to promote the mobility of students or trainees, as well as faculty members and researchers, within the Master in Maritime Logistics (MML) and contribute for the improvement of the Maritime Logistics, Engineering and Management curricula and the development of innovative learning materials, while encouraging mutual learning between the industries and the academics in the Blue Economy domain.

Klaveness Digital SA is a Norwegian technology company on a mission to bring shipping and logistics into the future. With a strong team of software engineers, data scientists, shipping, and logistics specialists in Oslo, Singapore, Manila and São Paulo, they empower industrial companies to make better informed decisions.

Also, under the M4ML program, other partnerships are being negotiated so that MML students can be offered more internship opportunities in Norwegian companies. Stay tuned to know which companies can also be an option for you if you are interested in the Master in Maritime Logistics and in participating in this exchange program.

For more information about M4ML visit here

About the EEA Grants
Through the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are partners in the internal market with the member states of the European Union. As a way of promoting a continuous and balanced strengthening of economies and trade relations, the parties of the EEA Agreement have established a multi-annual Financial Mechanism known as EEA Grants.

The EEA Grants aim to reduce social and economic disparities in Europe and strengthen bilateral relations between these three countries and beneficiary countries. For the period 2014-2021, a total contribution of 2.8 billion euros was agreed for 15 beneficiary countries. Portugal will benefit from a sum of 102.7 million euros.