Grupo Sousa sponsors NOVA SST in supporting MarLEM-MML

NOVA SST and Grupo Sousa - maritime-port operator, logistics and energy, the largest national containerised cargo owner, have signed today a collaboration protocol focused on the Master in Maritime Logistics (MML), to start in September this year.

This protocol will allow students to participate in internships in the group companies.  It also establishes the award, by the Sousa Group, of monetary prizes to the Best Student and Best Student of the first semester of the Master's degree, aimed at recognising the merit and  and gender equality in the maritime-port industry, in line with SDGs 4 (Quality Education) and SDGs 5 (Gender Equality).

The protocol was signed by Professor Fernando José Pires Santana on the part of NOVA SST and Pedro Amaral Frazão, Administrator & CSO of Grupo Sousa.

About the Master in Maritime Logistics (MML)

It is the first Master's degree in Portugal specifically focused on the theme of Maritime Logistics. This international master's degree begins in the next academic year 2022/2023, in partnership with Naval School of the Portuguese Navy. Bringing together a fundamental set of knowledge in the logistics sector, and with additional domains in Engineering and Industrial Management, it is a course that will allow professionals in the maritime-port industry to develop relevant skills in the areas of research, innovation, techniques, digital and soft skills, including critical thinking and a proactive predisposition.

About NOVA School of Science and Technology

NOVA School of Science and Technology is one of the main faculties of Engineering, Science and Technology of Portugal, recognized for its innovative character, immersed in  an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is characterized by a strong connection to the business fabric and by its startup community. Founded in 1977, in the Caparica area, the campus is the largest in the country, with about 8000 students, 500 teachers, 1090 researchers, 1180 projects and 200 employees. The recognition of its educational offer translates by filling 100% of the vacancies and is reflected on to the employability of 98% of the students. The differentiating profile of NOVA SST is also characterised by the response to the dynamics and demand of the valuing the integration of soft skills in their pedagogical dimension, through the Curriculum Profile.

The NOVA SST hosts 15 research centres recognised by the Foundation for Science and Technology. Scientific quality is reflected in also in scientific production, with publications in the TOP 10 of the main journals international specialty, being the teaching space with Portuguese concentration of Laboratories CoLABs and European Research Council (ERC) Scholarships. The result of this performance is the integration of the faculty into the prestigious network of CESAER technology universities and in consortia with European and U.S. universities, from CMU to MIT. In addition to the 15 hectares built, the college will expand to the remaining 17 hectares, an expansion that includes the science and technology infrastructure Madan Parque. Expansion plans show that the NOVA School of Science and Technology| FCT NOVA is a future-oriented school, always based on cutting-edge international research.

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