The Role of Cluster in AKT

Within the scope of MarLEM Consortium, Fórum Oceano organized an online workshop on March 10, targeted to maritime clusters and the role they could play in one of the outputs of MarLEM Project: the Atlantic Knowledge Triangle - AKT.

"AKT intends to become a Collaborative Platform, focused in the Atlantic Area, with subsequent expansion to the other EU maritime basins, that promotes effective initiatives and opportunities for Knowledge creation and dissemination. By aggregating entities from Academia, Authority, and Industry, AKT will become the adequate space for creating ideas, raising consortia, launching projects, and boosting, as a final purpose, the competitiveness of Atlantic and European Blue Economy.

Maritime Clusters are the strongest industrial networks where skill gaps can be identified and integrated solutions can be created and applied to the front-end of maritime sustainable development.

So far, these networks are the main vehicle for dissemination across industry, seeking collaboration with the governance authorities and establishing cooperation with education and training institutions, as well as dedicated research and innovations centres."

The purpose of this workshop was to address the role maritime clusters could play at AKT future developments, providing very important learning, discussion and exchange of ideas. Thank you all for this interesting session!