MPCS Final Event

The Marine Pollution Control Simulator (MPCS) is a cloud-based tool that can be easily accessed via different platforms (mobile phones, tablets or laptops), enabling training, exercises and performance evaluation of marine pollution control at various levels.
This project, funded under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism programme (UCPM), is made up of a consortium of 4 national partners and 1 Spanish partner.
The consortium includes Qualiseg - Engenharia e Gestão, lda, a Portuguese company that develops research and innovation projects. The Direção Geral da Autoridade Maritima Nacional through the Direção de Combate à Poluição do Mar, a public organisation whose mission is to establish technical procedures for monitoring and combating pollution of the sea, as well as coordinating and directing operations to combat pollution of the sea. The University of Coimbra through the Faculty of Science and Technology, which through its research units has played an active role in creating knowledge and transferring it to society. The Instituo Profissional de Transportes e Logística da Madeira, a vocational school that has been developing vocational training courses in the maritime area for years. And the EVM Group, a Spanish partner dedicated to developing technology and innovation applied to various areas.
This two-year project, which began in March 2022, is now coming to an end with a sense of mission accomplished, since the prototype is ready and has passed the tests carried out, making it a tool that can be useful to various organisations in a wide range of fields.
In this circumstance, we will also make a public presentation of the project to organisations and the community, which will take place on 22 February 2024, from 10am to 12pm at the Vasco da Gama Auditorium.
This event will take place in a hybrid format, so those interested can attend in person or via teams, witch the link will be made available closer to the event.
Registrations must be made by 19 February through the link in the image.
Evento Final MPCS EN