MarLEM-MML & M4ML were at the Portuguese Shipping Week(PSW)

Master in Maritime Logistics, as part of the MarLEM project, and M4ML project were present at the Portugal Shipping Week, held on the 10th of May in the exhibition area.

This has been an opportunity for the international shipping sector to gain knowledge about MML master programme.

As announced, the first phase of applications for the Master in Maritime Logistics (MML) qualification has been open until 15th May.

This master’s programme comprises multiple aspects of maritime logistics, operations and their supporting technology, trade law, port administration, maritime business analysis, as well as leadership and managerial skills.

The Master’s Degree in Maritime Logistics (MML) is an innovative international programme offered jointly by NOVA School of Science and Technology (NOVA SST) and the Portuguese Naval Academy as part of the MarLEM project, and includes Qualiseg as a partner.

M4ML project supports this Master by supporting mobility of both faculties as students from Portugal and Norway.

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