Design and Development


Research, Development and Innovation Projects with the objective of supporting any Organization that wishes to succeed in its activity from an innovative point of view, in pursuit of a disruptive strategy / concept / product that allows it to position itself at the market’s forefront.

Our experience allows us to conclude that the main benefits found in organizations that are, in the true sense of the word, Innovative, can achieve significant benefits, such as the systematization of RDI activities and significant use of internal know-how, significant improvement of the organizational image and competitiveness before other organizations of the sector in the national and international scope, in the accompaniment of the technological development in order to anticipate the market and identify opportunities for improvement.

Working on the basis of success fee / risk taking, and having the recognition of several entities, Institutions and Business Associations, we have proved to be an ideal partner, with the guarantee of satisfaction and effectiveness necessary to reach the objectives of development and innovation of the companies.


Special Projects

Projects specifically designed to address a particular issue / situation / organizational problem, and provide the appropriate solution. These may include:

  • Certification of Cities (ISO 37120);

  • Infrastructure and equipment design projects;

  • Risk Management;

  • Knowledge management.



Research & Development Projects in the Maritime and Industry Sectors.

Through the Research & Innovation Nucleus of Qualiseg, we have been successfully capitalizing on several projects in these areas, on one hand together with our partners, and on the other supporting our clients.