Closing Ceremony MarLEM and Gisamp

The Closing Ceremony of the MarLEM Project will take place on the 20th of April.

MarLEM was a project whose objective was to design, structure, and develop a Master's Degree in the areas of Engineering and Management of Logistics applied to the maritime-port space of the
EU and to foster communication and cooperation between education and industry, which resulted in the Master in Maritime Logistics.

In the afternoon the Closing Ceremony of the GISAMP Project will take place, with very interesting collaborations.

Both events will take place at the Auditorium of the Library of the School of Science and Technology
of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, from 10:30 am to 4:15 pm.

For more information see the invitation below and, to sign up, click here ➡️



GásLink obtained ISO28000 certification

Another important step for the Security of the Supply Chain, this time with GásLink obtaining the ISO28000 Certification.
Qualiseg, as provider of expert advisory services in support of the organic preparation and action work, and monitoring of the audits that took place, is proud of the collaborative work done and congratulates GásLink for the important Certification achieved.

APA obtained the ISO28000 and the ISO20858 Certification

Qualiseg, as provider of expert advisory services in support of the work of organic preparation and action, and monitoring of the audits that took place, is proud of the collaborative work done and congratulates APA for the important certifications achieved.

GISAMP partners started innovative internal audit process

This GISAMP Project internal Audit phase was initiated with Port of Aveiro Administration, and more will follow.

With the current internal audit activities, project partners enter the his last phase, with the implementation of internal and certification audits aimed at ensuring the correct implementation and certification of the entities involved.

The proposed methodology for the implementation of GISAMP Project is based on the development of a situation diagnosis that allows independent ways to know the degree of compliance with international standards of reference. Initially, it involved training actions, the implementation of good practice manuals that facilitate the learning process of all project stakeholders and the implementation of international good practices according to the management references recommended in ISO 20858, 27001, and 28000 standards.

Port and Maritime Supply Chain Integrated Security Management (GISAMP) Project aims to operationalise a collective efficiency strategy that considers the maritime-port process in a more comprehensive perspective, addressing the strategic, operational and support levels, and allowing the implementation of good international practices and management certification of the maritime-port supply chain security.

GISAMP Team Visits Port of Valencia

One relevant action of the GISAMP project is to develop a visit to a port that already implemented the ISO 28000 standard, aiming at raising the knowledge of the Portuguese ports involved in this project. To this end, a team of GISAMP project partners visited Port of Valencia, in period 18-22 July, which provided an unique opportunity to acquire past experiences and lessons learnt.

For more information about GISAMP Project here

GISAMP Project engages relevant entities

Within the scope of the GISAMP project a session was held to engage the relevant entities for the Port of Aveiro (Interested Parties), with the technical support of QUALISEG as the leading entity of the GISAMP project.

The involvement of Stakeholders is of the greatest relevance, in particular for the implementation of ISO 28000 - Supply Chain Security Management.