Funding and Support


We provide support to the companies through the development of investment projects and applications on the different subjects and calls in order to maximize the probabilities of success. We have a positive track record e assured success on the different projects already approved for our clients.


Portugal 2020

PORTUGAL 2020 is the new Community Support Framework in force and translates the Partnership Agreement between Portugal and the European Commission, with Portugal receiving € 25 billion by 2020.

These programming principles are aligned with Intelligent, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, pursuing the Europe 2020 strategy.


FEE - Energy efficiency fund

The Energy Efficiency Fund supports energy efficiency projects in areas such as buildings, transportation, industry and services/public services, which contribute to the reduction of final energy consumption in an efficient and optimized way.

All natural and legal persons, public, cooperative or private, whether or not for profit, who fulfil the conditions set out in the Portuguese Administrative Rule no. 26/2011, of January 10, shall be beneficiaries of this program.